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We believe the bible is God’s inspired word to us and that he speaks to us through it. Although the bible is a diverse book of books with different human authors, styles and genres- it has one central theme and message: God’s plan of rescue in Jesus. 



Listening and responding to what God says is an important part of being a Christian. Our services are shaped around a message from the bible (often called a sermon) and we want to help everyone listen to what God says through the bible in different ways. 

Below is a link to some of our messages, and also a link to another website which has lots of other messages from the bible. 



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 If you are new to the bible and don’t know where to start- try Reading with Rob. It’s a series of videos that looks at one of the accounts of Jesus life, and gives 5 questions to ask. You can do it on your own or get in touch with Rob Petersen if you would like to discuss them. Click here: Reading with Rob



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Understand the Bible is a website designed to help teach you the Christian faith through a series of short video / audio lessons. Click here: Understand the Bible


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If you are looking for some helps in daily readings- we can recommend the "Explore" App - a free app of the bible which has a library of bible reading notes to buy from a selection of prominent Christian writers. 

Click here For iOS (Apple)

Click here For Google Play Store (Android)




 Glen Scrivener has produced a series of YouTube videos which go through the bible in short segments.

 Click here to be taken to the YouTube playlist 





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