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cultural issues and questions

As Christians, we often have questions about our faith and how we should understand it in relation to living today. We always welcome questions about our faith and we want to help other understand it too. To help us be well informed about different cultural issues and questions, here are some websites which have some excellent resources. 

Sometimes this is called “apologetics”- which doesn’t mean we want to apologise for our faith but based on a greek word meaning “a defence”. 


Resource Websites





  BETHINKING - A collection of articles, videos and podcasts which help explore the big questions of life. 










  Reasonable Faith - Reasonable Faith aims to provide an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith. 








  SOLAS Centre for public Christianity - Scottish based charity which seeks to passionately communicate Christ into today's culture.






During February and March 2021, our church held three Facebook live events to answer questions which had been sent in. By clicking on the images below, you can access the recordings (you do not have to hold a Facebook account to access these). 

Is Faith Reasonable