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Praying is speaking with and encountering God. 


Whether you are confident in prayer, or struggling to pray, this page has a number of resources to help you go further in prayer. 

Below is a series of teaching videos which you can use to help you deepen your understanding and practice of prayer. Each video has an explanation of an aspect of prayer and an exercise to put what you have just learned into practice.

Here is a list of the videos to help you get started, and below the videos are some further resources: 

list of prayer videos for launch










Other resoucres 

Ask other Christians: Like most other things in the Christian life, prayer is most often learned from others. It may be that the best thing for you to do is to speak with a Christian you know and look up to and ask how they pray, or what insights they have. 

A Way to Pray: This is a document that helps you use the bible to shape your prayers. A way to pray click here




Down the years there have bene many different books written on prayer. Here are some that we recommend: 


 thingsRachel Jones, 5 things to pray… series:  The easiest way to get into praying. Using the same principle as ‘a way to pray’, each page take a bible passage and suggests 5 things to pray form that passage for the topic. Each book has a different theme.











Prayer, Timothy Keller: There are many good books on prayer that focus on different aspects of prayer but if you want one book that draws together all the aspects, this is the best we’ve ever found. Keller draws together the Bible’s teaching, insights from past spiritual greats, his and other’s contemporary experience to produce an absolute gold mine on the subject of prayer. This is a relatively heavy book, but any time reading it will be rewarding. 











The Message of Prayer, Tim Chester: A simpler overview of the Bible’s teaching on prayer. Very clear and easy to read. 








A call to Spiritual Reformation, Don Carson: Carson looks at the prayers of the apostle Paul from the New Testament and uses them to teach us about many aspects of how we should pray. If you want to learn to pray with the same priorities, conviction and passion as the apostle, this book is the one!









Prayer- A Biblical Perspective, Eric Alexander: The influential Scottish preacher’s book on different aspects on prayer in his own accessible yet impacting style. An excellent overview of the New Testament’s teaching on prayer with some very helpful pastoral observations along the way. 








PrayerMate: This app has been develped to help you gather together all the different people and things you want to be praying for. You can also subscribe to prayer updates from mission and other organisations, as well as other resources to help you pray. If you use apps, it is one of the most helpful practical steps we've seen to help you bring some order to your prayer life.  Click here for PrayerMate





If you have any questions, feel free to be in touch with Andrew Barrie or Rob Petersen.