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When Pulteneytown Parish Church re-opened for public worship on Sunday 25th May 2003, it was a significant mile-stone in the long history of the congregation. The church building dates back to 1842, but the congregation that now worships there is the product of many different strands of of the Presbyterian church in Scotland. From the beginnings of the new town of Pulteneytown, the church has been fully involved in all the events which affected the national church. Each twist and turn, each split and union of denominations is reflected in the local congregations that worshipped in the town.


The early history of Pulteneytown Parish is, of course, that of the Wick Old Parish church. Prior to 1878, the area now know as Pulteneytown was within the Old Parish Church bounds. But as the population of Pulteneytown grew in the early 19th century, it was clear that there was a need for a church within that settlement. There are four other church groups (at least) that were important in the development of the congregation, and we hope to create new pages outlining their history in the coming months. These were the United Reformed Church ( established in 1747 and which went through many changes of name before becoming the West Church), the Reformed Presbyterian Church (established in 1838 which became Martyr's United Free Church), the Pulteneytown Free Church (established in 1843 which became the Central Congregation) and the Thrumster Church (the building being built around 1900).