Minibus Hire

Wick & East Caithness Church & Community Transport owns a minibus that is available for hire by schools, care homes, and any community organisation or group. The minibus cannot be hired privately by individuals. 

The minibus seats 16 passengers plus a driver.  The minibus can also accommodate multiple wheelchair users (please note that passenger seats must be removed to accommodate wheelchair users). 

The minibus can be hired for full or part days, with very limited availability for overnight hires. 


The preferred option for hires of our minibus is that hirers of the minibus provide their own driver. On occasion we might be able to provide a driver, please enquire if this is something you need. 

To fulfil the conditions of our insurance policy, drivers of the minibus must be over 25 and have held a valid driving licence for more than two years. Please consult the current government guidance for other rules if the driver is over 70. Please also consult the government guidance if the drivers licence was awarded after 1 January 1997 for obtaining a minibus licence (D1 category entitlement).

For new drivers of the minibus, you will be asked to spend a short time with one of our minibus volunteers before your first hire takes place, to ensure that you can drive and park the minibus safely and comfortably. 

For occasional hires, the minibus is cleaned between uses by a volunteer. However if you would like to make a regular booking (eg weekly), we request that you clean the bus after using it. Cleaning materials and full instructions will be provided. 

As of 1st June 2022, the hire charge for the minibus is £15 for the first 15 miles, then 80p per each additional mile. For more information or to make a booking, please contact Anne Dunnett on 01955 605180.